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API for georeferenced data visualization in web applications

The SITNA API is a JavaScript API that enables us to include an interactive map viewer, representing geographically referenced information, in web pages and web application.

This SITNA product has been developed to be used in the web applications of the Government of Navarra. However it can be used by any user or organization in their web pages.

The API SITNA currently provides the following functionality:

This is the aspect of a basic map that it has been created with the default configuration of the SITNA API

The API is based on various third-party JavaScript libraries, but it is completely self-contained. All the related resources are dynamically loaded by simply inserting the API script in the page. This development approach had as main goal to make it accessible for a developer with a limited GIS knowledge.

Some documentation and examples have been developed and made available here in order to facilitate the understanding of the presented API.

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